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Choosing a Coffin for a Loved One

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Choosing a Coffin

Life is a journey and when we reach our final path we can choose what we take it in. Choosing a coffin that reflects that life journey is important and shows how best to reflect the funeral person.

It can seem overwhelming especially when upset and emotions are running high, but here at bdedhapi we can guide you through that process with helpful information and creative ideas to help you find what is right for you! 

With changing times and attitudes towards funerals, it would seem that this has opened the door to so many choices available to you. 

It’s important to consider your loved one and their past life when choosing a coffin and to take into consideration their wishes as well as their personal character.  

Coffins vary in design and material as well as cost. You will also need to consider what type of funeral you would like as this will affect your choice. 

How to Choose a Coffin

Below are some of the questions you will need to think about as well as some creative ideas to make your loved one’s final journey a fitting tribute to their life journey.  

1.Firstly coffin or casket? People often ask about the difference between a coffin and a casket.  This is simply the shape.  A coffin has six sides and a casket has four. The coffin is tapered at the head and foot which is  wider at the shoulders.  The casket however is a rectangular shape. Caskets are often used when displaying the body and sometimes are available in half couch (two lids) or full couch (one lid).  This will depend on whether you will be displaying all or some of the body.  

2.  Burial or cremation?  Choose your coffin/casket that is suited to either burial or cremation.  Remember nothing metal will be suitable for cremation including handles (although these can be removed beforehand).  For burials check whether there are any the vaults requirements as some cemeteries place the deceased and coffin in a concrete vault. 

3.   Coffins/caskets come in so many different materials, colours and prices ranging from wood, cardboard, plastic and even wool.  Eco coffins are very popular with unique designs.  

4.  Choose with your heart and be unique. Times are changing and being creative is on the rise. This is the time to show your loved one’s amazing life journey.  Families are now getting involved with decorating, colouring and leaving heartfelt messages within or on the coffin.  Was your loved one part of a team or group? Coffins cans be signed by team/group members.  Do you have a little artist in the family who could paint it? 

5.  You will need to know the size and weight of your loved one when placing your order. If you are using a funeral director they can liaise with the coffin supplier or you can always call them to discuss it. 

6. A funeral director will also give you direction when choosing a coffin/casket however people are now saving a considerable amount of money buying online and you should NOT be charged a handling fee by your chosen funeral directors if you choose to purchase a coffin directly from a supplier. Ordering online is now an easy process and no different than buying any other product using the web. 

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