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10 Helpful Tips When Choosing a Crematorium

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You can choose whichever Crematorium you want in the UK and there are alot of options out there. We’ve put together this helpful guide on how to choose.

  1. The public often does not know that they have a choice when choosing the crematorium.  You do not need to choose your local crematorium and it is always worth looking around as some can be quite uninviting or maybe too modern for your taste.  Perhaps view a few to help you decide which one suits the memory of your loved one.
  2. Local authority-run crematoriums tend to be better valued than privately run crematoriums.
  3. Availability for booking a funeral is normally determined by the Funeral Director you choose.  If they have lots of bookings they won’t be able to fit your required timescale.  Don’t be afraid to shop around as another Funeral Director may have more capacity to enable your timescale to be met.  
  4. You do not have to stick with the funeral director that collects your loved ones.  You can choose who you want to entrust your loved one to .. do not be afraid to shop about.
  5. Pick music that reflects the person that has passed. Don’t be afraid of making the service about celebrating the person that has passed. It should be more about celebrating life rather than mourning the loss.
  6. Some crematoriums allow visual tributes so memories can be shared during the service.  Some also offer webcasting to accommodate family abroad, or if there is family that cannot attend on the day.  The webcasting is available for up to ten days online – copies of the webcast and visual tributes can also be purchased if required.
  7. It’s not just about remembering your loved ones at the funeral, there are so many more ways of remembering them. Did you know ashes can now be put into art as well as tattoos and jewellery; don’t be afraid to ask for this information whether it be the funeral director, funeral arranger or crematorium staff.
  8. A crematorium’s size. Some crematoria will be better set up for large or small services.
  9. Some crematoriums are relaxed and you can conduct your own service.. always ask if this is your preference. Most cremation will do what they can to accommodate.
  10. There are no stupid questions…… just ask whatever is on your mind.

Coutesy of Vinters Park Crematorium.

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