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Choosing a Funeral Director

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Helpful tips when choosing a Funeral Director

  1. Word of mouth is the most  common way of choosing a Funeral Directors but its always worth looking online. 
  2. When looking on line and reviewing costs do not just accept the initial prices highlighted at face value.  Often costs are shown without added extras, which can change the cost dramatically.  You may find independent funeral directors are often cheaper than perhaps some of the national funeral directors.
  3. Independent funeral directors can often accommodate your chosen funeral /cremation date whereas this is not always possible for the national funeral directors.
  4. Most funeral directors will go anywhere which means you can choose one based outside of your area.
  5. When creating your order of service its not uncommon to choose up to eight photos of your loved ones.
  6. Most music is now provided by Wesley Media. Once you have chosen your track you can then inform your funeral director who will source it. Once downloaded it is sent to the requested crematorium of your choice. 
  7. Never be afraid to ask your funeral director if you want something to be placed with your loved one. … most anything can be buried except if its a green burial.  Watches with batteries, lighters and pace makers are not suitable for cremations.
  8. When you are asked for your loved ones clothes for burial/cremation remember to provide the complete outfit including undergarments and shoes although shoes are not needed for cremation.
  9. Remember a funeral does not have to be all religious, you need to think about if you want a celebrant, vicar or humanist.  A humanist will not use any religion material whatsoever.
  10. Although it can feel very daunting and upsetting visiting your chosen funeral directors often after your visit you will feel more at peace and rest assured regarding the arrangements.

Courtesy of  Paul J.Rowland Funeral Directors

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