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Choosing Funeral Flowers

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1. When choosing your flowers choose something special to the deceased this could be something from their wedding bouquet or a special colour, maybe they were keen gardeners? What was their personality as this often reflects in the flowers chosen.. bold personality are vibrant colours.. A shy personality could be soft low key like gypsophila or roses.

2. Budget is very important.. its always worth telling the florist your budget and let them know the colour so that they can meet your budget with your request.

3. Other nationals. Florist could source the national flower of their country where the deceased originated from. 

4. Most Irish will have their national colour of orange green and gold.

5. People often take flowers out of the flower display and press them which is sentimental.

6. Maybe ask your florist to wire photos of family members into coffin/casket sprays.

7. Caskets and coffins vary and you will need to inform your chosen florist of your choice as this will effect the style of Spray you choose.

8. Check family members do not have allergies to any particular flower.

9. Some people like silk flowers so that they can take them home with them. This should be considered if taking them abroad after the service or if you want them to last forever.

10. There should be an awareness around lilies As a lot of people object to this type of flower.

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