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Organising a Vocalist

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Here are a few points to consider when organising a vocalist for a Celebration Of Life event.

Organising a vocalist

Depending on the length of the Funeral Service, it is normally best to have a solo song of choice at integral parts of the service. Namely as entrance music when the coffin enters the Chapel or Church and maybe in the middle of the service at a reflective time or after the family eulogy. Finally, at the end as an exit song? It really does depend on the family though and what they require but mostly this format works well when organising a vocalist.  

The soloist can also offer to lead the Hymns too. At funerals people do not seem to sing up so much because of the nature of the service which is of course understandable.

People generally have a good idea of what sort of song they would like for the service; sometimes a song that the deceased liked or maybe something that reminds them of the person. An experienced soloist, however, should offer to help with making a choice, if you are undecided.

If you want some inspiration, try watching Rebecca Robinson in the studio recording ‘Bring him Home’ from the musical Les Miserables.

As a crossover artist, Rebecca’s performances wow audiences with the breadth of music she sings – there really is something for everyone! Regardless of whether she is singing to thousands or at a small, intimate gathering, Rebecca will engage with the audience and put her all into her performance. Her packages start at £200.

The link to her Celebration Of Life Page is here

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