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Creating a Beautiful Memorial Table

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Let us help you to create a memorial table to represent your loved one.  Truly encapsulate who they really were.  This can be easily done by using meaningful items and memories that reflect the life that has passed.

There are various ways to do this: 

  • Include pictures of your loved one to tell a story of their life. 
  • Use treasured items and belongings to stir smiles and memories.
  • Show family and friends the wonder of a life by reminding them of cherished moments together.

Have you thought of using a loved one’s hobby as a point of focus, such as a tennis racket or fishing rod?  Rather than using simply a wreath centre piece, attach flowers to the hobby item and place them on your memorial table .  If  your loved one was a lady and liked wearing her heels, how about featuring her shoe filled with beautiful flowers.  Or if he was an industrial worker or builder, you could use his boots and attach flowers, lights or colourful tools.  

Perhaps do a memorial chair alongside your table. This can be something as simple as using it to place your loved one’s shoes, hat, knitting or even favoured item of clothing on.  Add  their special  flower to complete your memorial chair. 

Have you thought of distributing memories cards to funeral attendees?  Have your guests write down a memory of your loved one and attach it to a beautiful branch on the table to create a wonderful memory tree.  A simple yet effective idea, this can be appreciated once everyone has gone and there is quiet time to reflect.   

Do not be afraid to use items such as candles, twinkle lights and anything that will make your memorial table unique to your loved one.  

If your loved one liked a drink or two, line your memorial table with a favourite tipple along with their photo attached to the glass. This will certainly raise many last toasts to them and their wonderful life journey.

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