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A beautiful sun set, representing the memories of a special person at the end of their life.

The Sunset Plan’s practical end of life planning service, has launched a new online platform allowing people to upload, organise, store and share important information, wishes and memories

The ‘digital vault’, launched by the Wales-based company, modernises end of life planning, with the aim of protecting people and preparing their loved ones for the future.  

Traditionally, end of life planning services have centred around drafting wills, organising a Lasting Power of Attorney and estate planning for financial or legal purposes. However most people don’t make any further practical plans that can provide families with the detail they need when bereaved. 

With loved ones struggling to locate important paperwork, finding account details and knowing what to do with personal items, the administrative and practical burden that falls to families can be tough. 

This has exposed a gap in services that can support people with structured, end of life and legacy planning. The launch of The Sunset Plan’s digital vault platform bridges that gap, by helping customers identify what information they need to organise and capture, to relieve some of the stress for their friends and family when they’re no longer around. 

The legacy planning service enables future wishes and decisions to be recorded, and even allows you to store and share memories. Customers could also extend account access to other professional services that are involved in their end of life planning. This can help diffuse any future conflict and help manage relationships, as all personal, legal and financial documents will be securely stored in one place. 

The customer stays in control of their data and who can access it. Loved ones will have a clear road map to follow through with the deceased’s wishes and bring administrative closure to their life. 

There are two levels to the digital vault service. A free basic plan for simple data storage with categories including About me, Finances, Legal, Tax, Property & Vehicles and Legacy Planning. A Premium Plan is available which offers extra features such as storage and sharing options. The Premium plan is available for a monthly cost of £3.99 or £39.99 per year inclusive of VAT. 

The Sunset Plan website also has physical booklets and PDF templates for sale. These low-cost practical end of life planning tools may appeal to customers who prefer to purchase items as a one-off cost, to complete and keep at home. 

Founder Kerry Jones, who launched the company in early 2020, said “I myself have experienced many unexpected challenges in dealing with after-life matters following a family bereavement. The website was launched to provide a central directory of ‘how to’ resources focusing on dealing with admin tasks, which I found out first-hand can make a difficult time even more stressful.”

Coinciding with the outbreak of Coronavirus, Kerry received a keen interest from people of all ages across the world, who were suddenly thinking about their own mortality. The service received immediate attention due to the fresh and creative approach taken in discussing what has always been a taboo subject: death. Encouraging positive future planning has helped people feel more in control of their lives at a time of such global uncertainty. 

Kerry continued:

After experiencing the huge challenges with unravelling a life after death, you realise just how little people actually plan ahead. We spend so much time planning for life’s other major events, but many still struggle to deal with proactively planning for death. This exciting service will enable our clients to easily and securely prepare and protect their loved ones for the future.”

Why not start planning for the future by creating your Sunset Plan online today at

For more information about The Sunset Plan, visit , email or follow @thesunsetplan on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For even more information on end of life planning visit our Information Hub:

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