Strangest Funeral Requests

Funerals aren’t something we often like to talk about, we often know what to expect. But as we all know everyone is different; from the clothes we wear, to the way we talk, and even the way we wish to celebrate our lives. Here are some of the most wonderful, moving and unique funeral plans we’ve found:

Fancy Funeral

As black is the traditional attire at most funerals, often people commit to a ‘no black dress’ to celebrate the brightness in a loved ones life. A request such as a loved football teams colours is one thing, but in 2013 a biker requested an unusual service before he tragically passed away. The popular man got exactly what he requested when mourners poured in all in fancy dress. He requested the quickest service possible and, out of respect for his memory, his friends and family arrived as superheroes, animals and his favourite foods.

Festival Funeral

On the topic of different funeral attire, a well-loved Glastonbury fan requested all their funeral attendees wore a pair of bright wellies to commemorate their love of festivals. What a wonderfully different way to celebrate the life of their loved one and particularly handy for British weather.

Song Service

Some say that they simply couldn’t live without music, but one said they the simply couldn’t depart without it either as they requested a funeral service to be entirely conducted by song! What a melodic way to celebrate ones love for music.

Off With A Bang

Ashes are a beautiful way to say goodbye; spreading them around a loved ones favourite park, mountain sea or any location special to them. One final request is growing popular and is little different, it is the spreading of the ashes via fireworks! Perhaps they can be remembered by the dazzling, sparkling and beautiful way they lived their life.

Everyone needs to commemorate differently because we are all different people. Whether you wish to keep it simple or go all out is up to you. Just considering how you wish your service to go can be a real source of comfort to family during their time of need. More and more people are pre-arranging their funerals to reduce the burden and worry for their families, so keep in mind our funeral service providers can make your wishes come true. Head over to our Funeral planning guide to help start you thinking about your funeral arrangements.

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