How to Scatter Ashes In the UK

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Scattering ashes and returning them to the earth is just one of so many choices. Choosing a location is important if you do decide to scatter your ashes. Consider certain things such as the likelihood of disturbed or become busy with onlookers that may hinder your ceremony. It’s very important to check the (scattering ashes law regulations the UK) 

Losing your loved one is often a heartbreaking experience. It can be very difficult to figure out the right way to remember them and honour their wishes.  

Times are changing and being willing to think of death ahead of you will help in so many ways. 

It’s a very personal thing so never worry what other people think, be as adventurous or as traditional as you like.  

Keeping your loved one at home is a great way to honour and keep them close but it can also make it difficult for others to visit and pay their respect. 

While traditional urns and scattering of ashes are still very popular, other options are plentiful and ashes can become almost anything these days. With a little imagination, anything is possible…. 

Top trends for cremation ashes in 2021

  1. Tattoo the ashes of your loved one, keeping them with you at all times.
  2. Fireworks made from the ashes of your loved one, create a farewell with a bang.
  3. A personal Portrait that includes the ashes within the portrait.
  4. For the music lover, have the ashes made into vinyl.
  5. For the diver, an underwater reef.
  6. A beautiful diamond solitaire can be made from Ashes 
  7. Grow a wonderful tree from Ashes. Choose their favourite type.
  8. Scattering ashes at sea, some companies now specialise in this. Check the regulations for this including EPA. 
  9. Art, ashes can become beautiful pieces of glass art. Choose something significant to the memory of your loved one.
  10. From the sky, either by plane, skydive or shoot your ashes to space letting your loved one continue their journey under the stars. 

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