Ashes into Art

Artist Faith Masters is one of Kent’s most promising new talents and a specialist of life portrait, working ashes in to art. 

Faith works to connect us with our loved ones who have passed by recreating them in beautiful portrait form with their ashes woven in to the very painting itself.

Whether you are commemorating a beloved pet, relative or friend, Faith’s poignant creations protect a loved one’s memory in a most unique and timeless way.

Client, Ruth Minhall and her son Orlando suffered the tragic loss of their Irish wolfhound, Scruff, when a shock illness cut his life unexpectedly short.  Ruth commissioned a painting of their beloved pet with her son, to create a lasting visual memory and tribute.

“The painting of our dog was beautiful!  What made it so special was to know that Scruff’s ashes were actually part of the picture. We felt comforted and more connected to him.”

The family know that when they look at the portrait of Scruff, they are truly looking at a part of him. 

Prices for Ashes to Art commissions range from between £110 and £520 depending on requirement. Each piece of art is designed to reflect the unique character and spirit of the individual subject in a personal and sensitive way.

For further information and pricing, or to discuss your requirements, contact Faith Masters:


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