Loss at Christmas

Christmas can be an extremely painful time for some, especially for those coping with loss or grief. Accepting that we all mourn in different ways helps us to avoid conflict and expectations from others. 

Self care at this time is of paramount importance. Our normal routine is disrupted, so working out the best ways to cope can help us to get through difficult festive celebrations. When faced with loss during the Christmas season and New Year, you could decide on a different way to celebrate. Change can be good!

Trying to keep to a regular pattern of eating and sleeping, taking a little extra exercise or talking openly with friends or family about thoughts and feelings can be a heartwarming release. Remember there is no right way or wrong way, only your way, to express your feelings. Grief is a testament to how much love you have for those you have lost. To suffer is terrible but it will ease with time and you will be left with great love and your wonderful memories. 

By Helen McNally

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